Our Parmesan

We are the only people in Britain to hand select the Parmesan we sell.

We go to Italy every 2 months, touring the Apennines visiting dairies, always on the look out for a Parmesan experience. Parmesan is hand-made and varies with each day's production and at each dairy. It also changes as it matures, so hand selecting is an obvious thing.

As Parmesan is aged for such a long time a cheese iron is rarely used to take a sample: it introduces to much air into the cheese and damages the rind so we normally use a traditional Parmesan needle. The few crumbs of paste it pulls out are judged on their smell and texture.

We currently sell cheese from the Caseificio Superchina, and Azienda Igricola Iris.


Some of the tasting tools we use.