Eating Parmesan

Taste Pairings and Recipes

One of the many things we hope to change is the idea that Parmesan is a cheese only to be used for grating. So what about Parmesan and figs or pears? Parmesan shavings over Bresaola and rocket, big chunks of it after dinner with chestnut honey or Mostarda di Frutta? Small rough chunks before dinner with a glass of Prosecco or a light red Lambrusco

Let's not forget that the scraped rinds from Parmesan are the best things you can ever put into a soup, stock, sauce or broth to add flavour. It is the most versatile cheese in the world: look in any wine book and the pairings with Parmesan are endless; red, white, sparkling, dry or medium sweet. What other cheese offers such choice, can be served before a meal, on a starter, main course, cheese platter or as dessert? Check out our recipes for some ideas.