Festa di Parma

for your party, wedding or function

From the culinary heart of Italy, two of the country’s most iconic foods have long formed the centrepiece of celebrations and festivities.

Many people who have been to an Italian wedding or festa will have enjoyed the spectacle of a whole Parmesan cheese being opened and served with Prosecco or a Parma Ham being hand carved for guests.

The Parmesan Cheese Company offers these two classics at weddings, parties and functions all over the country. Armed with traditional cutting knives, serving platters and a select range of Italian wines, we will make our 28 month old organic Parmigiano Reggiano and ‘riservaProsciutto di Parma the gastronomic highlight of any celebration.

As well as the Parmesan and Parma Ham we offer a small range of Italian breads and olives for people who want more substantial food.