Festa di Parma

Parmigiano Reggiano
Organic, 28 Month Matured

In the traditional Parmesan heartland, the foothills of the Parma Apennines, lies the tiny hamlet of Rivalta (400m) where Umberto Avanzini, his wife Carolina and son Davide farm 120 cows and make just 3-4 wheels of Parmesan a day.

Unusually, the family keep Swiss Brown cows, a hardy mountain breed that produces less milk than the ubiquitous Friesian but of a much higher quality. Rich and sweet, it is ideal for cheese making.

In 2003, concerned about the use of pesticides in farming, genetic modification and animal welfare, they made their first wheels of organic, GM free Parmesan.

Among the 517 Parmesan producers, the Avanzini family make an exceptional cheese: despite the long ageing it is still soft and sweet and makes a delicious table cheese.

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