Festa di Parma

Traditional Italian Feasting

Many people who have been to an Italian wedding will have enjoyed the spectacle of a whole Parmesan cheese being opened and served with Prosecco or champagne and very old Parma Ham is often hand carved at parties or events.  The Parmesan is served in almond sized nuggets broken from the wheel with traditional knives and served on platters. The ham is also finger food, sliced thinly into pieces the size of a cracker. We bring cocktail napkins but you don’t need anything else to eat it with – the feel and simplicity of the experience is key. 


What we provide

You can choose from:

We can supply either a ½ wheel of 28 month, organic Parmesan (minimum 18kg) or a whole wheel (minimum 38kg). We can, of course supply more than this in half wheel increments!

Parma Ham
We supply Parma Ham ‘riserva’ in whole legs to carve at your function (minimum 10kg).

We offer a select range of Italian Prosecco, red or white wines to serve at your event. They are carefully chosen to compliment the Parmesan and Prosciutto and are sold on a sale or return basis. Wine glasses or Champagne flutes can also be hired.

Staff with traditional Parma Ham and Parmesan knives who can serve you and your guests are charged by the hour.


How Much Food For How Many People?

As a general rule we say that one Parma Ham is enough for about 100-120 people and a half wheel of Parmesan is enough for up to 150 people. These are approximations as they are dependent on the length of the event and what other food is being served. The best thing is to send us the details of your event and we can send you a bespoke quotation.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


party parmesan

Other Food We Offer

As well as the Parmesan and Parma Ham we offer a small range of Italian breads and olives for people who want more substantial food. The following list gives you an idea of what we can do.


  • Cherry tomato and basil focaccia
  • Red onion focaccia
  • Nigella and Sesame seed focaccia
  • Pizza Bianca a very thin, crispy pizza dough baked with sea salt and olive oil
  • Pizza Rossa as above but with a tomato and basil topping
  • Grissini long, thin bread sticks

Our breads come from Flour Station and Exeter Street Bakery.


All are pitted for ease of serving and come in 3kg containers.

  • Mixed purple and green with pistou (basil and garlic)
  • Mixed purple and green with chilli
  • Black or green with herbes de Provence

Our olives come from The Fresh Olive Company.